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Pleasantly surprised! Over the past 6 months, I have had a clasp on pearls replaced and two rings completely re-designed. I was a little worried since I was trying to incorporate stones from a ring that belonged to my mom. No worries now, both rings turned out beautifully and the quality of workmanship was great. Thanks to all the fine staff at Arden's (they go the extra mile).
Hope V. Magee January 23, 2017
My husband and I had several jewelry repairs done including watches and rings. The service was excellent and in particular, we had very personal service from Harry, Kate, and Blake. Most recently, I had a challenge with my wedding band/diamond. I had been wearing the rings without taking them off for over 40 years! Needless to say, my knuckles are much bigger now. A normal resizing option did not work - the ring would still twirl around and not stay put. Blake recommended doing the Fingermate band and I love it. It keeps the ring in place on my finger but allows me to remove it over my knuckles. Thanks Blake - I'm very happy with this solution., Regards, Denise
Denise H. November 03, 2016
This is a great jewelry store. Blake Gallaher goes out of his way to provide great service and a quality product.
Deborah H. November 03, 2016
I had 11 days to create the ring I wanted her to have. They did it.
Bryan W. November 03, 2016
This is a Great Jewelry store . They are so helpful and nice !!! Anytime I ever need anything this is where I will go ... Thank you all for being so helpful and having so many beautiful things to choose from
Nicholas G. November 03, 2016
I was sent to Ardens to have my ring sized and appraised for insurance. The staff was beyond courteous and helpful. When I picked up my ring, which was my fiance's grandmother's, they were very helpful in explaining the appraisal and the ring turned out gorgeous. By far, this jeweler is worth every penny!
Michelle B. November 03, 2016
I was looking for a nice ring for my partner . I went in to Arden's not sure if I could find that certain something since I didn't have time to wait for an ordered piece and size it too . They went above and beyond anything I could expect ,Blake is a fantastic guy. I found what I wanted at a fair price and he had it sized and in my hand in a day. ! Great service great price what else can I say. Thank you !!!
David L. November 03, 2016